April 25, 2014

Simple way to remove Jamberry Nail Wraps using only floss!!

I've been asked many times about the removal of the Jamberry wraps. Here's my removal. It was simple!! No harsh chemicals of a polish remover. No damaged nail beds. No fuss!!!
Olive oil (or any oil) can be used to help soften the wraps, but I didn't even need that. 
Here's what I did:

I used a flossing tool (only had the kids kind on hand... it's a dolphin, lol) I held the floss on the nail by the cuticle, and with a little bit of pressure slipped it under the wrap to break the water tight seal. Then gently pulled it the rest of the way up the nail, releasing the wrap from the nail. The middle picture is showing a little bit of sticky residue left on the nail bed.  The 3rd is after I used an alcohol wipe to get rid of the residue.
No mess!! No fuss!! No damage!!

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