October 31, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Frankenstein Smoothie

AKA The Green Banana
But hey, since it's Ol' Hallow's eve, lets go with the Frankenstein label. :)
It's a quick, simple and tasty smoothie, and like other favorites of ours, a sneaky way to fit in some greens for the little one!! Great for Halloween since they'll be quite possibly stuffed with sugar & candy later. Get them filled up with this tasty and spooky smoothie first! :)
(Note: Colors have been altered, and your drink won't be quite this green)
1 banana
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1.5 cup spinach
1/3 cup frozen pineapple 
1 tbsp honey
1/8 cup milk


Blend until all the spinach is broken down. 
Serve and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!!


October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Time Out to ... Make Jack-o'-Lanterns.

So, it is last minute! Down to the wire!  
And you still have a pumpkin sitting around, waiting to be carved up into a Halloween masterpiece, but just don't know where to start? Well, then we have your back!  We found some very creative; easy, to very skilled; non-traditional ideas to help you get started.  

White Pumpkins with painted styrofoam balls for eyes!
Source: Eventish

Make a Minion with a soda can. 
Source: Remove and Replace.com

Here's a scary idea for a white and orange pumpkin.  Carve out the brain in the white pumpkin, then your creepy, scary face in the orange.  Put them together and you have an extra spooky pumpkin creature. 
Source: Skulladay

 It can't get much easier than this! Use cookie cutters to make cut outs in your pumpkins.  Even better, use letters to spell out a word! 
Source:  Emma Magazine

For someone who's handy with a knife, get artistic and make a haunting night scene. 
Source: Sunset.com

 Paint that pumpkin! Then glue on some eyes & ears made from recycled plastic plate (or anything else you can find). Then complete this same look with some big bolts & staples.  
Source: The Cutest Blog on the Block

 Love this!!  If you have a non working (or working) fireplace, carve some flames into your pumpkins, just don't go all the way through the pumpkin flesh so the light shines behind the meat of the pumpkin.   This one could be used after Halloween. It makes just a nice fall addition to your regular decor. 
Source: Remove and Replace.com

 Hello kitty!! Get a template here
Source: Rottingpearlz.Deviantart.com

 Skilled with the carving tool?  Include your pets in this holiday and do their portrait on the pumpkin.
Source: Better Homes

 Use a stencil to carve your house number onto pumpkins.  Simple, but festive!
Source: Sunset.com

Candy corn pumpkins. Grab some spray paint and paint the top white, and the bottom yellow.  Done!
Source: Dalliance Design

 Some branches from a downed tree can quickly turn your pumpkins into a creepy spider. Add some recycled plastic circles and a big headed nail and the spider is alive. (ok, not really, but you get it)
Source: Remove and Replace.com

 Not just a ghost, but Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas.
Template here
Source: Russellheimlich.com

 How about a Katy Perry Pumpkin! Her, along with other celebs can be found at the Better Homes website.
Source: Better Homes

Nifty idea!
Carve "kcirT" in the back of the pumpkin and it will reflect onto the wall behind where the pumpkin is placed. 
Source: Sunset.com

For the especially talented folks.  Carve a very intricate spooky scene on your pumpkin!  
Source: Elles Deli

Kiddos will love this duo!  If you can find the right shaped pumpkins, paint one yellow, and use some pieces from your local art supply to make the nose and hair/eyebrows. 
Source:  Remove and Replace.com

Very quick and easy way to add some pizzaz to your pumpkins. Map out your design first, grab a drill, different sized drill bits and go!
Source: Creative Stuff

Another creative spin on the white pumpkins. Glue crayons (paper peeled first) to the top, and melt with a hair dryer. 
Source: The Swell Life

There will probably only be a select few that can replicate this masterpiece, so it may just be here for appreciation, but if anyone CAN replicated this, please post your results to our facebook page!! 
Source: RootFun.Net

And lastly, and easy one, but with a creative addition. Carve your face, but make sure the mouth is fairly big, and stick in as many toothpics as you can fit. 
Source: Up2Wows.com

Ok That's it!  Hopefully that sparked an idea, or set you up for what you will create this Halloween!  
Happy Haunting!!


October 28, 2013

Menu Monday

Don't have a plan for suppers this week? That's OK, we've got you covered. We're rounding up a week of family friendly suppers for you, go ahead and cross meal planning off your to-do list!!








Hope you enjoy this weeks menu. Let us know which recipe you tried and love!

October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites October 25th, 2013

Welcome to another Friday Favorites round up! This week I'm bringing you all things Halloween.

Favorite Decor
Dollar Store Witch Hats hung from the ceiling. Fast, easy and inexpensive.

Favorite Food

Favorite Kids Activity

Favorite Treat

Favorite Costume
Junior Secret Agent Available on Amazon (still 6 days to order!)

Favorite DIY
This Amazing Deer Make-up Tutorial

Favorite Song
What else? The MONSTER MASH!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Halloween Roundup of our Friday Favorites!

October 24, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Spooky Sips

For all your Halloween hosting needs, we've collected the best party perfect drinks to serve to your ghouls and goblins this October 31st!  

Looks spook-licious, right!?  Ok, let's go check out each one and what you need to make these yourself.  Plus, check out some bonus drinks below!

Bloody Punch with Floating Hand
Source: spoonful.com
3 cups cranberry juice
1-1/2 cups apple juice
1-1/2 cups grape juice
2 cups caffeine-free cola
1 cup frozen strawberries

In a large pitcher or punch bowl, combine the cranberry juice, apple juice and grape juice. Stir, then refrigerate until you're ready to serve. At the last possible moment, add the cola, the strawberries and, of course, the Floating Hand of Death.
For the Floating Hand of Death: 
In a measuring cup or jar, stir a few drops of green food coloring into some water -- not too much, just enough to give it a slightly decomposed tint.
Pour the greenish water into a disposable rubber glove (the stretchy kind -- make sure it's not powder-coated inside) and tie the top securely. Place in the freezer for several hours or overnight.
At serving time, peel the glove off the hand and deposit icy hand in chilled punch. Yum

Slime Punch
Source: parents.com
(Note about recipe: Make sure to use a very large bowl or a saucepan with high sides when making this frothy mixture. The meringue powder will really foam up when you start whisking.)

2 tubes red decorating gel
Lemonade mix to make 2 quarts
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp. meringue powder
2 liters seltzer
10 drops green food coloring
4 drops yellow food coloring

Squeeze red gel down the inside of 12 small, clear glasses. Let dry about 10 minutes.
In an extra-large bowl, combine lemonade mix, sugar, and meringue powder. Slowly pour in seltzer, whisking continually until combined. Stir in green and yellow food coloring. Pour punch into glasses and serve.

Boo-Nilla Shake Recipe
Source: marthastewart.com
1 cup whole milk
2 pints vanilla ice cream
1 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar
1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips

For the faces: Place chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl; microwave on high until melted, 1 to 1 1/2 minutes; stir. Using a small brush, paint chocolate inside glasses (if it hardens too soon, microwave 20 seconds more). Let set a few minutes before adding shake. Prepare glasses up to a day ahead, but don't fill until ready to serve.
For the shakes:
Blend milk and 1 pint ice cream in a blender until smooth. With machine running, add remaining pint ice cream, one scoop at a time; blend until smooth. Pour milkshake into six 8-ounce glasses decorated with chocolate faces, filling them 3/4 full.
Next, put cream in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Beat on medium speed until soft peaks form. Add confectioners' sugar. Beat until stiff peaks form. Transfer whipped cream to a pastry bag fitted with a 1/2-inch plain round tip. Pipe spiral mounds of whipped cream on top of milkshakes. Serve immediately.

Candy Corn Smoothies
Source: pillsbury.com
2 cups coconut sorbet (slightly softened)
6 tablespoons milk
2 cups orange sherbet (slightly softened)
2 cups lemon sorbet (slightly softened)
4 drops yellow food color
Candy corn (if desired)

In blender, place coconut sorbet and 2 tablespoons of the milk. Cover; blend on high speed 30 to 60 seconds or until smooth. Divide evenly among 8 glasses. Place glasses in freezer. Rinse blender.
In blender, place orange sherbet and 2 tablespoons milk. Cover; blend on high speed 30 to 60 seconds or until smooth. Pour over coconut mixture in glasses, dividing evenly. Return glasses to freezer. Rinse blender.
In blender, place lemon sorbet, yellow food color and remaining 2 tablespoons milk. Cover; blend on high speed 30 to 60 seconds or until smooth. Pour over orange mixture in glasses, dividing evenly. Garnish with candy corn.
Serve or freeze until serving time.
Swamp Juice
Source: spoonful.com
1/2 cup small tapioca pearls (found in the baking aisle of most grocery stores)
Food coloring
4 tablespoons sugar
8 gummy fish
Seltzer water
8 gummy worms


To Make The Eggs: Bring 6 cups of water to a boil and add the tapioca pearls. Reduce the heat slightly and boil the pearls, stirring occasionally, for 20 to 25 minutes.
To color the eggs: Divide the pearls, with the remaining water, between two bowls. Add 4 drops of food coloring (in the picture colors used were, 3 drops of yellow and 1 drop of green in one bowl, and 4 drops of blue in the other) and 2 tablespoons of sugar to each bowl. Stir the mixtures, then allow them to sit uncovered for 20 to 25 minutes. Drain and rinse the pearls with cold water.
To Make The drink: Spoon 2 tablespoons of pearls into each glass and drop in a gummy fish. Fill the glasses with seltzer water, then add a splash of lemonade. Place a gummy worm around a spoon as shown.

For the Grown ups!

Liquefied Ghost Cocktail
Source: hgtv.com
2 oz. vodka 
1 oz. vanilla simple syrup 
1 oz. cream 
2 oz. soda

Mix vanilla simple syrup, cream, vodka and soda together in a cocktail shaker, then serve in a chilled martini glass.

Witches' Brew
Source: hgtv.com
2 oz. mixed pineapple and cranberry juice 
2 oz. 7-Up or Sprite
1-1/4 oz. shot Malibu Coconut Rum

Mix juices and 7-Up or Sprite in a highball glass. Pour shot of rum down the side of the glass right before drinking.

So, now you're all set for your Halloween party, or just relaxing after all the spooky little monsters finally crash and head to bed.  Hope you have a spook-tacular Halloween.
Enjoy! :)



October 22, 2013

Tuesday's Time Out To... DIY Halloween Costumes!

Are you stuck for a last minute costume this Halloween??  We here at This is How We Mommy have scoured the internet and rounded up some of our favorite DIY costumes to share with you all. 

Now get out your scissors, paint and fabric... Here we go

Source: Alphamom.com
Source:  Craftbaby.com

Source: Costumepop.com 

Source: Parenting.com

Source: Spoonful.com

Source: Threadbanger.com

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Buzzfeed.com

Source: Coolest Homemade Costumes.com

We hope this sparks an idea or helps you create just what you, or your loved ones need!! 
Happy Halloween everyone!!