October 4, 2013

Friday Favorites October 4th 2013

This weeks round up of our favorite things!

Favorite Find
We LOVE the One Trip Grip!! Available at Amazon.com.
Use it for groceries, packing the car for a trip, bags to go out for donation, or anything else you have lots of to carry!

One Trip Grip

Favorite Laugh
This is very much us, which is why the favorite find is certainly a favorite.
Source:  http://www.rottenecards.com/card/63301/

Favorite Recipe
This is going to be tonights supper. Oh Yum!
Source: http://www.food.com

Favorite Song
The other week, we shared Lorde Royals with you in our Friday Favorites.
Well, these guys do some amazing covers, and they did one of this song, so we want to share it with you all.  Check out some of their other stuff.  You may even know them for one of their originals called "Red Hands".  They are definitely one of our favorites! 
Walk off the Earth - Royals (Lorde cover)
Favorite DIY Burlap Wreath
It's such a wonderful fall decoration, or you could make one as a gift for someone too. I love the flowers she chose to include. There's a wonderful tutorial here Check it out!
Burlap Wreath courtesy of Little Lovely Leaders

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