October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Time Out to ... Make Jack-o'-Lanterns.

So, it is last minute! Down to the wire!  
And you still have a pumpkin sitting around, waiting to be carved up into a Halloween masterpiece, but just don't know where to start? Well, then we have your back!  We found some very creative; easy, to very skilled; non-traditional ideas to help you get started.  

White Pumpkins with painted styrofoam balls for eyes!
Source: Eventish

Make a Minion with a soda can. 
Source: Remove and Replace.com

Here's a scary idea for a white and orange pumpkin.  Carve out the brain in the white pumpkin, then your creepy, scary face in the orange.  Put them together and you have an extra spooky pumpkin creature. 
Source: Skulladay

 It can't get much easier than this! Use cookie cutters to make cut outs in your pumpkins.  Even better, use letters to spell out a word! 
Source:  Emma Magazine

For someone who's handy with a knife, get artistic and make a haunting night scene. 
Source: Sunset.com

 Paint that pumpkin! Then glue on some eyes & ears made from recycled plastic plate (or anything else you can find). Then complete this same look with some big bolts & staples.  
Source: The Cutest Blog on the Block

 Love this!!  If you have a non working (or working) fireplace, carve some flames into your pumpkins, just don't go all the way through the pumpkin flesh so the light shines behind the meat of the pumpkin.   This one could be used after Halloween. It makes just a nice fall addition to your regular decor. 
Source: Remove and Replace.com

 Hello kitty!! Get a template here
Source: Rottingpearlz.Deviantart.com

 Skilled with the carving tool?  Include your pets in this holiday and do their portrait on the pumpkin.
Source: Better Homes

 Use a stencil to carve your house number onto pumpkins.  Simple, but festive!
Source: Sunset.com

Candy corn pumpkins. Grab some spray paint and paint the top white, and the bottom yellow.  Done!
Source: Dalliance Design

 Some branches from a downed tree can quickly turn your pumpkins into a creepy spider. Add some recycled plastic circles and a big headed nail and the spider is alive. (ok, not really, but you get it)
Source: Remove and Replace.com

 Not just a ghost, but Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas.
Template here
Source: Russellheimlich.com

 How about a Katy Perry Pumpkin! Her, along with other celebs can be found at the Better Homes website.
Source: Better Homes

Nifty idea!
Carve "kcirT" in the back of the pumpkin and it will reflect onto the wall behind where the pumpkin is placed. 
Source: Sunset.com

For the especially talented folks.  Carve a very intricate spooky scene on your pumpkin!  
Source: Elles Deli

Kiddos will love this duo!  If you can find the right shaped pumpkins, paint one yellow, and use some pieces from your local art supply to make the nose and hair/eyebrows. 
Source:  Remove and Replace.com

Very quick and easy way to add some pizzaz to your pumpkins. Map out your design first, grab a drill, different sized drill bits and go!
Source: Creative Stuff

Another creative spin on the white pumpkins. Glue crayons (paper peeled first) to the top, and melt with a hair dryer. 
Source: The Swell Life

There will probably only be a select few that can replicate this masterpiece, so it may just be here for appreciation, but if anyone CAN replicated this, please post your results to our facebook page!! 
Source: RootFun.Net

And lastly, and easy one, but with a creative addition. Carve your face, but make sure the mouth is fairly big, and stick in as many toothpics as you can fit. 
Source: Up2Wows.com

Ok That's it!  Hopefully that sparked an idea, or set you up for what you will create this Halloween!  
Happy Haunting!!


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