December 4, 2013

Calming bottle

This time of year, it seems like we remind the kids to be good every 10 seconds.   With the holidays coming, and some certain bearded dude coming around at the end of the month, the kids are so excited it's like their on a constant sugar high. And then again, they may be, with all the Christmas cooking being passed around. Anyway, if you feel like your little ones are a little extra bouncy-off-the-wallsy... try out this calming bottle. See if it may just give you 5 mins of peace even.

It's also known as a calming jar, but the thoughts of a glass jar scared me.  I envisioned water and sparkles EVERYWHERE.  So I modified the idea, and I see a few others also did, by using a plastic bottle instead.  General consensus on the internet seems to be that the brand SmartWater has the best bottle, although, be prepared, it's probably one of the more expensive ones out there. I mean, it's not break the bank expensive, I paid $2.50 ish for it... but I'm also one of those people who never buy bottled water, so when I find myself in a situation where I need too, I expect .99cents... or, maybe $1.50 if you want to gouge me. But, this is strictly just my opinion... no offence to any water sellers out there.

Anywho.. Here is my finished product,


Take the plastic water bottle and remove any labels. Squeeze about a 1/2 inch of gel glitter glue into the bottom of the bottle. Next pour in a small amount of fine glitter. I eyeballed it, but I'd say roughly 1-2 tablespoons worth.
Now, fill the bottle water, be sure to leave an inch of space at the top.  It's best to use hot water so the glue softens and mixes well into the water and doesn't clump. It will however dissolve eventually, so if you do get some clumping, no need to redo it.  So now, go ahead and put the cover on and give it a good shake.  It's best to let the water cool now, and NOT glue the top on yet.  The glitter will settle differently once it cools, and you may want to add more, just just give it a bit of time to cool.
Once it's cooled take the cover off and wipe away any moisture, then you can use a glue gun to seal
it shut.  Just use a little around the rim, then replace the cover right away and close tight.  Leave it for 5 mins, and then try to take it off.  It shouldn't budge. Then it's good to go for your little one.
Hopefully the next time they are getting a little out of hand, you can pass them this bottle and watching the soothing, velvety texture will distract them, and settle them down.


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  1. Neat! There is a wine out also, but that is my calming bottle!!