January 20, 2014

3 Ingredient Cookies

While trying to eat better, cut back on flour as much as possible, but still please a toddler, I'm constantly trying to figure out alternative ways to make conventional recipes. My little one wanted chocolate chip cookies, and to be honest, I liked the idea too. 

Ingredients are:
2 ripe bananas
1 cup of quick oats
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

Such a simple recipe, and takes no time at all. It's just a matter of mashing the bananas and then mixing in the oats and chips.  So the fact that it's healthy too means it will be made again in this house!!
I used a stand mixer and just threw it all together and let it mix for about 3-5 mins.

Once mixed, simply spoon onto a greased pan ( I used coconut oil; spread on with a paper-towel)
Then bake @ 350℉ for 15 mins. Let cool on cooling rack for 5-10 mins and enjoy. Makes 15 cookies.


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