November 10, 2013

DIY Air Freshener

If you are using plug ins, certain candles, stick ups, sprays and other air fresheners bought from your local grocery or big box store, please stop!  They are FULL of nasty and harmful chemicals!
Ultimately it is your choice, so you don't have to listen to me, but please do your research on the whole subject.  And if you decide you're done with the chemical filled stuff, here's a start to an alternative.
It's very simple to start.

Eat an orange, & save the peels.
Get a small pot.
Grab some vanilla extract from your pantry.
Throw together the peels, the vanilla (1/8 cup) and some water (1.5 cups) in the pot.
Simmer it on your stove.

It is SO easy, it almost makes itself.  I urge you to at least try it and see if you don't like it.  

There are many other combinations out there. Basically let your tastes and your imagination go wild. Essential oils can definitely be used also!  Combine raw ingredients with the oils. Combine just the oils. You can even grab a oil defuser and use a combo of essential oils, but be sure to use a carrier oil, like grape seed for example.  Something that has a high smoke point, so the heat won't just burn the oils. (Vegetable oil will work also)

Some favorite scent combos of mine for inspiration are
Lemons & Orange
Orange & Mint
Orange & Lavender
Orange & Cinnamon
Lemon & Sage
Lemon & Rosemary
... so you get the idea.
And this is just my personal choices.  The scent combinations are endless if you get into drying flowers & herbs and combining other fruits with them.

Just please, consider a more natural choice YOUR choice.  Your health, and the health of your family will thank you!


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