September 8, 2013

Scrambled egg with Spinach & Feta

This one is easy.  The hardest part is making sure you have all the ingredients in your fridge, but let me tell you, it's tasty!!  If you want a jazzed up version to your everyday scrambled eggs, try this! 

-Eggs {desired amount}
-Spinach leaves (baby is best) {desired amount}
-Feta cheese (the stuff in water is best) {desired amount} 
-Butter (or oil, something to lubricate the pan)
-Pepper {desired amount}

Mix up the eggs, but don't bother adding water, or milk.  There's no need for that, and you'll find your eggs much more fluffy and more flavor with out it. Pour into a hot pan. A hot pain is essential, the eggs cook much better when the pan is already hot (in fact most foods are better this way). Start to scramble the eggs by giving them a few stirs in the pan, and when the mixture is about half cooked dump in the spinach and the cheese (be sure to crumble the cheese). This way as the rest of the egg is cooking, the spinach is wilting, and the cheese is melting.  Sprinkle your pepper as it's finishing up cooking, but keep in mind, salt isn't needed as the cheese it self is salty enough from the brine. 
Serve up and enjoy. 


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