February 11, 2014

Cookie Box

Creative Valentines party idea.

(Photo by Lorinda Fleming)
Cookie dough

Use any cookie recipe you like. One that can be rolled and cut is best. Find a shape you want. Cut cookie out 4 times of same shape. Now take another shape that is about 1/2" - 3/4" smaller and cut the center of two of your shapes out. You don't have to use the same pattern as the first shape.

Place on cookie pan and bake according to cookie directions. Allow to cool completely and then remove from pan. This is so your cookies are not too soft. If they are, they risk being broken.

Lay one solid shape down. Take your two with cut out centers and on the back side of them, pipe a small line of frosting around the center of the cookie (as shown in photo).

Place one with frosting downwards onto the solid shape. Then take the next and stack it with frosting down onto the one you just put on.

You have made your cookie box! Now decorate the "lid" as you desire. Don't frost it closed. This is like a jewelry type box, but for candies. Give to someone to show you care!!!

NOTE: In the photo, a chocolate cookie and white frosting is being used to show how-to. You would probably want to use a frosting that matches as close as possible to your dough for the "glue" part of it. Then any color frosting for the top to decorate it.
Fondant could be used around this box for a nicer look.


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