February 25, 2014

DIY: Paper Bag Flooring

Want a unique look but want to stay on a budget? You can complete a whole bedroom flooring for under $80!

Things you need:
* Brown Craft Paper (Lowes or Home Depot)
* Gallon of Elmer's Glue
* Small Bucket or Bowl
* Roller tray
* Polyurethane for floors (Water-proof)
* 2, 4 inch Paintbrush (also will need a broom handle )
* Water

* First be sure your floor is prepared for the application of new flooring

* Tear up Craft Paper in different sizes ( don't make them too small or this will be cause for a lot of work on your part *
- Crinkle the paper up and then open them up, this will give the texture look to your floor
- You can start laying out a section to work on, be sure you have enough edge pieces for the floor. (You can always cut the straight edge if you don't)

* Pour water and glue into the bowl, you will want to do a mixture of 50/50 and stir.

* Grab your paint brush and go ahead and paint the bottom of your piece and glue it to the floor, then you will want to paint the top of the paper with the same mixture ( Pressing down a little hard will help the paper stay in place)
- Repeat this process until the floor is finished.

You will want to make sure your floor has enough drying time ( We waited over night for the next step)

* Once floor is dried you will need to attach a paint brush onto a broom handle.

* Pour some Polyurethane into the roller tray and paint the finished floor with a light coat. Be sure to wait until the coat has dried before re-applying, you will need to apply the Polyurethane at least 5 times (Some recommend doing it at least 12 times )

* Let it dry completely before returning any furniture back into the space*

** Finished!! A nice looking floor on a budget **



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