March 18, 2014

Everything Easter

Easter Peeps Centerpiece

How it's done:

Use two glass vases, one taller and one wider, and fit one into the other, making sure there is some space between the 2 for the Easter goodies. Layer the outer vase with jelly beans, then the Peeps on top of the jelly beans . The inner vase will hold the flowers (dried or plastic as you won't be able to keep them in water). Put more jelly beans in the inner vase to hold the flowers in place. 
Other variations could be done with individually wrapped chocolate eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, or any other hard candy with Easter/Spring colors. 

Keeping your hands dye free!

How it's done:
Just pull the wisk wires to the side and put in the egg. Then dip as you want and pull wires to release the egg. Perfect for kids dying eggs.

Easy Tie Dye eggs

How it's done:
Swirl whipped cream and food coloring to make tie dye designs on your eggs. Allow the eggs to sit for several hours and then you can rinse away the whipped cream and the dye will stay on the shell.
(Shaving cream will also work, but if young kids are doing this the whipping cream won't harm them if they happen to get it in their mouth)

Bunny Crunch Easter Chex Mix

How it's done:
2 cups pretzel sticks
1 bag of popcorn ( I used Orville Redenbacher's Naturals simply salted)
12 oz white chocolate chips
1 bag of festive M&M's 
2 cups your choice of chex cereal (I used Rice)
1 container of sprinkles ( used yellow)

Mix pretzels, popcorn and cereal in bowl
Melt chips over a double boiler until melted string constantly
When melted, drizzle over dry mix and mix until coated
Sprinkle half of the sprinkles, mix and sprinkle mix again
Do the same with the M&M's and let sit overnight

Hello Kitty Themed Eggs

How it's done:
Using a black Sharpie marker, draw on eyes and whiskers. Then with a yellow draw on nose. Next glue on flower or bow. Very simple.

Cracked design dyed eggs

How it's done:
Start by boiling eggs until near done, then take out and crack  (but not peel the shell) and then return to boiling, but in colored water. 

Bunny Cake
How it's done:
Use your favorite cake recipe and cook two 8 inch cakes. Leaving one as is, cut the second into 3 parts. The center will be the Bunny's bow tie, and the two edge pieces will become the Bunny's ears. Drawing a template on wax paper will help, lay it over the cake and use tooth-pics to prick through the wax paper along the guidelines, and then you can cut the cake along the holes from the tooth-pics.
Bring all pieces together and decorate with frosting.


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