March 7, 2014

Not a gardener? But love homegrown vegetables?

This one is especially great for those who have back problems and difficulty getting up and down to do gardening. Bring the garden up to standing level.

It's a simple, weed-free way to grow lettuce, spinach and even radishes. Take a 2 cubic feet bag of potting soil, rumple it around quite a bit to loose the soil, poke quite a few holes in the back side for drainage, then lay the bag on a smooth surface that will allow drainage and not get too hot, and cut out the top, leaving about a 4 or 5 inch border all around. Lightly rake through the soil to even it out and loosen it even more, then carefully, and evenly sprinkle the seeds around. NOTE: You can put the seeds in an old spice bottle with large shaker holes. Then, with some added cornmeal to the seed mix, it can allow to see that the soil is covered evenly with the seeds. (Shake seed and cornmeal mix well)
If doing radish seeds or spinach, just make lines the depth mentioned on the seed pack, plant the seeds and cover appropriately. For salad greens, sprinkle a light covering of soil over the cornmeal and seeds, and then mist water them in.
In the photo, the bags are rested on metal sawhorses and grates to make them waist level. This keeps the bags off the hot concrete, or from damaging grass. The best part, no bending over when harvesting. To harvest, just use a pair of scissors and cut what you need, but don't pull the plants out, as they will grow back from the original roots. Spray mist the seeds and plantings at first when watering, until they are established, then you can water more vigorously as the plants mature. You will probably need to water more often, since the depth of the bags are not as deep as a regular in-ground garden. Best if kept moist, but not sopping wet.
Happy growing!! :)


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