March 2, 2014

Please share this story with others. -- I know everything about you and you are my target (Article by Rake Jeeves 11/12/2013)

This is pretty scary when you think about it - definitely worth sharing with your friends!! I've never been a fan of these things. I personally think they are a waste of money, but this shows they also give away too much info.
Please read the quoted article below:

I know everything about you and you are my target (Article by Rake Jeeves 11/12/2013)

I have never met you and don't know your name and up until today I didn't
know where you live.
You passed me on the road and suddenly I knew everything about you.
You are a single mother with teenage daughter, no men in the house.
You are relatively well off and like playing tennis.
You don't have any big dogs, just one small dog that is no threat to me.
Judging by the car you drive you will have flat screen T.V's and because you have a teenage daughter there will be things like computers, tablets and smart phones in your house
I decided to follow you home because you have shown me that you are a soft target. When I invade your home with my gang I know there will be very little resistance, no men and no big dogs but plenty of expensive stuff for us to take.
How did I know all this information about you without having ever met you,
spoken to you or seen your house? By the little pictures of your family set up that you put on the back window of your car. These pictures have made my job so much easier because they tell me nearly everything I need to know without having to drive around the neighborhood spying on houses and sitting watching and gathering all this information.
It used to take me days of surveillance to get this information. Thank you very much; I will be visiting you one of the evenings whilst you
are watching TV. I'm not a violent person but I can't say the same for my gang members. Fortunately I'm not a violent criminal but because of my job I have to think like one and driving around checking out the little pictures on the back window of cars made me realize just how much information they give out about you, your family and to a large extent your wealth. Pictures of a family with golf clubs, children with computers, wives with tennis rackets and pictures of what type of dogs your family have all tell a story about you and whether it's worth making you and your family a target.


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