March 10, 2014

Stuffed cream cheese /sausage jalapeño peppers.

-15 jalapeños
-8oz cream cheese
-1 pound browned pork sausage (the kind that comes in a squishy tube)
-Handful of minced red onion

Clean out the peppers. Remove the seeds and veins as they are the "hot" in these hot peppers.
Mix cream cheese with cooked pork sausage or hamburger.
Add chopped onions, salt/pepper to taste, bacon bits and shredded cheese.
Full this mixture into the peppers and bake for 25 min at 425* in the oven.
Top with shredded cheese and bacon bits.
Cook on cookie sheet for 25-30 min at 425.
(Shredded cheese put on after the photo.)

used gloves to clean the peppers and stuff them. Boy-those are HOT!!!

Let them cool off. They will be hot and hot. So let them cool for a few hours. The hot/hot will subside a little and you will be able to eat them.
These were awesome the next day. Too hot the first night.
Store leftovers in refrigerator and heat up as desired.


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